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What to Do When You Face Bigger Competitors

Unless you’re top dog in your industry, chances are there is at least one person a little higher on the food chain than you are.

This makes you an underdog.

And conventional wisdom doesn’t always apply when you’re fighting a larger opponent.

Take the most famous underdog story ever written: David vs Goliath.

Bible stories offend you?

I’m sure you’re strong enough to look past that to see the point.

Here’s the short version if you don’t know it:

David was a shepherd boy who ended up going to fight a giant, veteran warrior who was threatening to invade his land.

All the other men of the nation were too scared to go.

So David went.

Did he get suited up in armor to go scrap?


He went out wearing regular clothes, bringing only his sling and a couple rocks.

Goliath had a shield and spear so big that he had two men carry them out to battle.

When Goliath saw David, the seven foot giant started to laugh at the idea of fighting a boy.

In this middle of this, David took his sling and fired a rock into Goliath’s forehead and killed him.


One and done.

My point?

If David would’ve fought Goliath in the traditional way – hand to hand using armor – he would have lost.

And it’s the same if you’re the underdog.

Pounding away trying to beat a larger opponent at their own game – fighting against their strengths – often results in defeat.

You’ve got to turn the tables on them and think outside the box.

Lean ye not unto conventional wisdom:

Here’s to defeating the giants facing you,

Matt Hardy
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