Posted April 6, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

What Donald Trump and a Monster 15ft Cattle Eating Alligator Have in Common

A monster 15ft long alligator has been shot and killed in Florida.

Ironically, the man whose property it was found on does guided hunts for alligators on his property.

The beast was so large he had to use a tractor to move it.

How does this relate to “The Donald”?

No, his campaign isn’t as dead as this pre-historic beast.

Rather, I think they share some similarities.

The discovery of this giant creature and the fact that he was hunted & killed on this Florida soil with outrage some, and endear others.

Haters will hate, others will appreciate.

It stirs up emotion, and provides a lot of advertising for the man’s business.

Sure, it turns some off – but it gets the attention of his target market as well.

Just like Trump has throughout his campaign.

Here are just a few tips we’ve tracked down from his campaign:

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