Posted February 8, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

WARNING: Don’t Go Broke with a Bad-Mortgage Style Ad Buy

We’ve all heard “horror stories” about bad mortgages.

Countless articles have been written and movies made about the whole sub-prime mortgage meltdown.

There’s nothing quite as bad as owing more than your supposed “asset” is worth.

Or just losing money in general.

This sort of thing can have you go broke in no time flat.

I read this a few minutes ago:

“Quicken Loans ad claims that it can arrange a mortgage loan in just eight minutes. Which is only three minutes faster than it will take to process the
eventual foreclosure.”

I find it funny…. but in a sad kind of way.

That said – it can be the same if you get into buying traffic.

Ya, you can get it setup in a few minutes, but you can go broke doing it.

Get started fast WITHOUT losing your shirt:

Here’s to getting buying customers without the expensive learning curve,

Matt Hardy
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