Posted March 8, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

Trapped By a Bad System

In Beijing an elevator maintenance company ran into some trouble not long ago.

Their workers went by a building to assess a problem and ended up turning the power to the elevator off.

Turning the power off to a faulty elevator is standard procedure from what I’ve gathered.

But not before you check to see if anyone’s still inside the elevator.

When the workers came back a month later to do the repairs, they found a corpse inside.

Kinda highlights the importance of having a thorough system and blueprint to follow for operations, doesn’t it?

It reminds me of people who are trapped running using generic advertising systems for their biz.

Just like this tragic elevator accident, it often doesn’t end well.

Avoid being a victim of poor planning:

Here’s to avoiding problems that can trap your business’ growth,

Matt Hardy
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