Posted February 1, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

The Only Time You Want to Get Hit By Lightning

Did you know that the odds of getting struck by lightening is 1 in over 700,000?

Compared to winning the lottery, those odds seem pretty good.

I saw a video the other day of some guys who were in a boathouse looking at a storm on the water.

It was all fun and games until lightning tore through the sky and hit the water about 5 feet from where they were standing.

They didn’t get hurt, but it sure freaked them out.

It got me thinking….

If you’re growing your biz, there is a constant need to attract new customers.

And if you’re wanting to attract lightening, you setup a lightning rod.

Targeted advertising, then, is the lightning rod that attracts new customers to your business.

And when you use online traffic – it can happen in an instant.

One moment it’s biz as usual – the next everything changes:

Here’s to having your business struck by a lightning bolt of new customers,

Matt Hardy
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