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The Big Lottery: Will an An Average Man Rule the World?

The world is full of surprises.

The other day, I heard of a lottery reaching over $1.5 BILLION Dollars.

People were scrambling to buy as many tickets as they could.

I heard at one point the jackpot was going up by $150k per minute!

A “Jackpot Expert” (whatever that is) even said that people “should buy as many tickets as they could afford” to increase their odds of winning.

Sheer genius.

So at some point someone is going to win a more money than the total gross domestic product of St. Lucia.

It may not be enough to rule the world, but it’s a good start.

It would change your life for sure.

On a more sobering note, a statistician was also quoted as saying that if you drove more than 10 minutes to get the lottery ticket, your odds of getting into a car accident was higher than winning the lottery.

Sooo, odds aren’t that great of winning.

But this sort of hype reminds me of all sorts of internet marketing products that are launched and dangle the promise of changing your life instantly.

And what do products like that and the lottery have in common?

They both end up giving you the same disappointing feeling when your dreams of success aren’t met.

Don’t get that feeling.

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Matt Hardy