Posted March 11, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

Stamping Out the Competition: Peruvian Politics Style

People are going crazy about the political scene these days.

You hear all sorts of people threatening that they will leave the USA if Trump is elected.

The media sure paints the picture that it would be a calamity if Trump got in.

But at least with our North American political structure, we can at least have a race.

Down in Peru, they don’t even allow a democratic process to happen.

If there is anyone opposing the current head of the country in an election, they just disqualify them from the race.

They say that the form applying for nomination wasn’t filled out right.

Or they claim you broke the law by handing out money to voters.

Or they come up with other creative ways to eliminate 2 of the top 5 opposing candidates.

And funny thing, the guy most likely to give the current leader a run for his money was one of the disqualified parties.


But it would be nice to be able to eliminate the competition that easily, wouldn’t it?


Here’s the next best way: finding new customers that they don’t even know exist!

Here’s to stamping out the competition ethically,
Matt Hardy
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