Biz Dev Options for a Monthly Ad Budget of $1000+

If you have over $1000 to spend per month, we recommend using paid traffic as well as using re-targeting.

Based on this, we recommend the following solutions for you:

Top of the World Traffic - We give you everything you need to know to start advertising using Facebook Ads. The targeting, reach and shear numbers that Facebook ads have available is nothing short of incredible. And with our complete "how to" video tutorial series, it will be super easy to get started.

Traffic Breakthrough - In this video series, we show you exactly how you can use re-targeting to advertise to people who left your site without buying. The beauty of this system is that you can often spend as little as 1 CENT per visitor to do this. This is something that can really give you incredible results.

Any time you're going to be doing any sort of paid marketing, it's extremely important to use link tracking software so you can test and see what ACTUALLY works. These are the guys we trust to give us the data we need when we're spending money on paid traffic.

Make sure that you're using a good autoresponder service to collect the email addresses of anyone coming to your website. Click here for the service that we trust to manage our email lists.