Posted February 7, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

Nuking Your Neighbors – The Dangers of Un-targeted Marketing

So North Korea has a history of doing all sorts of nuclear testing and un-sanctioned rocket launches.

Sometimes it’s real and sometimes they tell us it was fake.

Can you imagine how nervous their neighbors are?

They live on pins and needles in the constant fear of a nuke flying overhead or being detonated in the ocean.

The fallout (horrible pun intended) from the stress this puts on their relations would be pretty huge.

It’s like if you were to use un-targeted marketing for your business.

All of a sudden, your message is blazing across the radar of uninterested people.

In this case, the consequences are that your marketing budget goes up in smoke.

Instead, “zero in” on people who are actually looking for your product or service:

Here’s to targeting your marketing with pinpoint accuracy without freaking out the neighbors,

Matt Hardy
BizDevShots Podcast