Posted March 4, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

Mayhem is Everywhere

There are very few ads that get my attention.

Most often when I catch myself wondering:

“Who would ever have approved this ad? And who would EVER think it was a good enough idea to spend money producing and running it?”

It blows my mind the amount of waste-of-time-and-money advertising that’s out there.

But one of my favorites from a branding perspective are the AllState Insurance Mayhem commercials.

One of my favorites is when Mayhem goes to test ride a motorcycle and purposely lays it down.

Wrecks the whole thing.

Reminds me of when I took my friends dirt bike out years ago.

I digress.

But it got me thinking – if you don’t know what you’re doing things can go wrong in a hurry.

Just like in advertising: if you don’t know how to setup a proper ad campaign, you could wreck your biz in minutes!

Here’s to avoiding mayhem by properly setting up your advertising,

Matt Hardy
BizDevShots Podcast

PS – Here’s the commercial