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Lunch Money Stealing Teachers

It used to be that back in the day only school bullies stole lunch money from kids.

Well, that’s no longer the case.

Not long ago in Prince George, a school board member was found guilty of collecting just under $2k of free lunches.

As this woman’s income at the time was over $90,00/year she didn’t qualify for the free lunch program.

But between 2010 and 2015, she got free lunches from the program designed for people who have a family income of under $40,000.

She’s being charged with felony theft, filing a false public assistance application, welfare fraud and a few other charges.

She could face up to 49 years in prison.

You’ve gotta be careful who you trust with the money.

Same goes for your biz.

Make sure you’re getting advice who’s done this stuff for real & isn’t out to rip you off:

Here’s to working with trustworthy people – not someone who’s just out to steal your lunch money,
Matt Hardy
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