Posted February 5, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

How to Waste $5 Million Dollars Every 30 Seconds

Whenever it gets close to the Super Bowl, people get excited.

Sure, some for the game, others for the ads that they play during it.

Each ad costs $5 million dollars per spot.

Top top it off, the American Marketing Association says that they don’t really help sell more product.

Sure, we all remember the funny ad.

But did we all run out and buy that product because of it?

So do these ad spots translate directly into sales?

Does it fatten the bottom line?

Nope. Not according to the AMA.

Why not?

Because it’s interruption-based advertising and un-targeted.

More than half the people want to actually WATCH THE GAME.

And unless they are amused by the occasional funny commercial, they are going to fast-forward through all the ads.

Bye bye ad spend.

And targeting?

Not a chance.

The closest you get to being able to pinpoint an audience is to assume that around half of them like to watch football.

If you want to throw money away on some “branding awareness” go ahead.

But if you want a targeted solution to advertising, here it is:

Here’s to advertising towards people who are ACTUALLY INTERESTED in your product or service,

Matt Hardy
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