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Grow Your Biz: A Dentist’s Trick to Cover His Weaknesses

When my original dentist retired, it meant I had to go shopping for a new one.

And I landed one a mere five minutes from where I live.

I don’t mind going to the dentist, and the front-end staff of this new place is incredible.

Everyone is smiling and super friendly.

Even the hygienists are fantastic.

But, I’ve got to be honest, the dentist himself isn’t that great.

He’s short, gruff and looks about as serious as I’d imagine a Russian mortician in Siberia to look like.

And the way he goes about his business gives you the impression that you are just another number….or a bit closer to being “one of many” in the herd of cattle he calls customers.

But the thing is – he’s done in a few moments, and then it’s back to dealing with the friendly, smiling face of the hygienist.

It happens so quickly you almost wonder if it even happened (and I’m fairly sure it’s not the nitrous oxide speaking).

He’s gone in a flash – on to the next patient – making money all the way.

It’s one of my favorite biz dev ideas – “Major on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.”

The dentist knows his strengths lie in his technical knowledge, so what does he do?

He surrounds himself with wonderful people in such a way as to over-compensate for his lack of social grace.

This leaves him free to focus on what he does best, and turns his weakness into a strength.

Because at the end of the experience, you are left with the lasting impression of the overwhelming friendliness of the staff.

And he gets away with his abrupt nature even more so as, who really wants to be at the dentist any longer than they have to?

So where does that leave you & your biz?

You’ve got to be able to use and leverage the skills and abilities of others to cover your weaknesses so that you can do what YOU do best:

Here’s to strategically allowing others to cover your weaknesses so you can focus on your strengths,

Matt Hardy
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