BizDevShots.com was built to provide quick, easy to digest & implement biz growth ideas
for entrepreneurs, sales pros, & small biz owners all in one compact, fun package.

We didn’t want to produce 2 hour long bloated podcasts or 15,000 word articles when something much shorter and to the point would do.

Solid chance we all are waging a daily war against information overload anyways, so why drag things out?

With that in mind we wanted to distill everything down to its core essence to leave the final product without the filler.

And the “shots” metaphor?

It’s just a metaphor – a vehicle by which we can get a point across.

Just like those trendy little wheat grass shots you take.

All the vitamins and good stuff you want in one “tastes-horrible-but-gives-you-all-the-results-you’re-after” drink.

So it is here.

You can get our biz-growth blueprints here and you can listen to our podcast with biz growth & development ideas here.


Q: Where do you get your ideas and what sort of results have you experienced?

A: Having worked in a variety of different businesses & industries as a business owner, employee and consultant – our wealth of experience lends itself to countless lessons, ideas & thoughts we can draw on.

From high-tech companies to manufacturing and small retail businesses we’ve been heavily involved in spotting overlooked opportunities to increase revenue.

In addition to that, we’ve developed new or modified existing business systems and processes to streamline workflow and decrease costs.

We’ve seen biz growth in excess of 39.3% by adding more profitable jobs, while at the same time reducing costs – resulting in a completely transformed financial picture and level of business profitability.

Q: Why aren’t you more serious?

A: When it comes to getting down to work, we’re very serious and ALL business.

Rarely ever talking, with a laser-like focus and an intense look on our faces.

But to make a point at times we err on the side of ridiculousness.

If that’s a word.

This is the Jekyll to our Hyde.

Think of the examples we use as being darts that we’re throwing at the bulls-eye of your brain, in the hopes of having something stick.

Are you more likely or less likely to remember something if a tired old cliche is used or if we use something a little more off the wall and random?

For the most part we are kind of serious.

Kidding in earnest as they say.

For more on these specifics, listen to our first podcast episode here.

Q: Is the podcast available on iTunes?

A: Why yes it is. It’s right here.

Q: Can I listen to the podcast in my car or on my iPhone or iPod via iTunes?

A: Why yes, you can.

Q: What does “Biz Dev” stand for?

A: Business development.

Q: Who is this for?

A: Probably best left to sales pros, entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, biz owners and people with a general interest in business.

If you like it just for the incredible music, we will probably allow it.

Q: What is this “Momentary Brilliance” stuff?

A: It’s our daily display of an example that SEEMED like a good idea at the time.

A mix of random thought with a business twist.

Judge for yo’ self.

If you want it delivered straight to your inbox so your retinas can have a break from the fancy graphics of the site, or if you want to make sure you don’t miss any – you can add your email address at the bottom of each post.

Q: Why do I often hear you say “we”?

A: Because there is a team of people working behind the scenes to bring about what you see here.

It’s more than just the one guy pictured here 😉

If you would like to contact us, or if there is something that you would like to see featured here, you can contact us at: bizadmin AT bizdevshots.com