Posted January 28, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

A Drug Stash Full of Cash?

Not long ago, I read an article about a mansion in Florida.

Apparently it had been owned by Pablo Escobar.

And when the new owner decided to tear it down to build a new one, he found not one… but TWO safes inside the mansion.

When I heard about this, they hadn’t opened them yet… but can you imagine the anticipation?

It would be like Christmas morning excitement for adults!

What’s in it?




The location to fields full of buried cash in Columbia?

Who knows?

Maybe it’s something – maybe it’s nothing.

But if it were your safe….you’d HAVE to check it out.

I find it can be the same way for me when it comes to online advertising.

I almost HAVE to check just about any and every method I come across.

Because who knows?

You might just strike gold.

Here’s one of the best methods I’ve run into:

Matt Hardy
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