Posted March 24, 2016 by bizadmin in Momentary Brilliance

$50,000 For a Jet-In-Waiting

There’s all kinds of cool stuff people spend their money on.

From the cliche diamonds and cars, to weird exotic pets, people spend money on the strangest stuff.

And if you’re the dictator of a 3rd World country – or even the leader of a free one – you have seemingly endless amounts of money to spend.

Take even the conservative nation of Canada:

Premier Justin Trudeau took his family on a vacation in a private jet.

No big deal you say?

True, it sounds typical.

But it turns out he spent over $50k just to have a private jet sit on the tarmack waiting for them in case they wanted to use it.

Not bad when you have a seemingly bottom-less supply of taxpayer money.

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Here’s to building your biz so you can buy what you want,

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